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During the first week of February, 1995. 150 Indian filmmakers and 18 of India's finest photojournalists fanned out across the country to record for posterity a collective adventure of enormous fascination and complexity - a visual time - capsule of a unique nation caught up at the moment of dramatic change. The result was a docu-feature, which premiered simultaneously on DD1 (doordharshan) and ATN on 26th January 1996 to mark India's republic Day. India 24 Hours also cover coffee table book with 174 color photographs and a CD with an original musical score by Dr. Ilaiyaraja

From glacial Ladakh to steamy Kerala, the many photographic teams sought to capture the contrasting forces that have shaped the subcontinent. India 24 hours is a photosensitive odyssey that attempts to advanvce the luminous possibilities of the country, offering re-invigorated definition, injecting new vitality, pressing toward the borders of interpretation and response if only by subtle shades and subjective increments. here lies choreographed the boundless freedom of eighteen of India's most gifted photographers, working simultaneously throughout the country, ravishing the eye, inflaming the senses, provoking the heart and stirring the imagination

India 24 hours is a collective impression born of many situations, paces, shades, and definitions. Familiar idioms are here transformed into a transformed language that is both of the everyday and the fantastic. Inner perceptions and outward marvels captured by the photographers lenses testify to celebrations, hard work, memorable incidents, visions, haphazard encounters, pains, pleasures and passions, two winks for every grimace, and the odd miracle. It is not mere visual provocation or splendour that typifies these images, but the profound diversity of a country, as she randomly greets a small armada of great photographers. The results and uncanny, a shock wave of insights and upliftment.

India 24 Hours took shape under the production and editorial guidance of Internationally acclaimed writer, ecologist and film maker, Michael Tobias, renowned Indian photographer, Raghu Rai and Kirit Mehta, Managing Director of CMM Studios, Bombay(Mumbai). The many photographic teams logged in some 100 hours on the road in nearly every state and union territory to touch and uncover the elusive passions of a country that defies easy definition. These have been fused into a sumptuous portrait of the nation as she lives, breathes, dreams, India 24 Hours.

Tracks list:

1. India 24 Hours
2. Journey
3. Awakening
4. Hope
5. Inspirations
6. Enternced
7. Illusions
8. Sesineance
9. Devotion
10. Heart Beats
11. Asiration
12. Mission
13. Over Time
14. This Mortal Coil
15. Home Wards
16. Ideas
17. Themes of India 24 Hours

The original music score for the film was composed and arranged by Dr. Ilaiyaraja. Proclaimed by the world's critics as a composer of a new kind of music. Ilaiyaraja is something of a phenomenon having composed music for more over 700 films, In 1993, he composed his symphony No.1 with the royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London under the baton of John Scott. he has been the winner of the Government of India's national Award for his film music in the year: 1981, 1986 and 1987.

Music is my breath.

Maestro Ilaiyaraaja