Dharma yuththam - Aagaiya gangai poonthen malar soodi

Film NameDharma yuththam
Song NameAagaiya gangai poonthen malar soodi
Male Singer(s)Malaysia Vasudevan
Female Singer(s) S. Janaki
aahaaya gangai poondhEn malar soodi 
ponmaan vizhi thEdi 
mEdai katti mElam thatti 
paadudhE mangalam... 
naadudhE sangamam 

kunguma thEril naan thEdiya dhEvan 
seethaa pugazh raaman 
thaaLam thottu...raagam thottu 
paaduvaan mangalam 
naaduvaan sangamam 

kaadhal nenjil...yEhEhEhE... 
mELa thaaLam...OhOhOhO...(kaadhal) 
kaalai... vELai...paadum poobaaLam... 
mannaa ini...unn thOLilE... 
padarum kodi naanE...paruvappoo naanE 
poo manjam...ponmEni.. 
yennaaLil arangErumO... (kunguma) 

thEvai yaavum...yEhEhEhE... 
therindha pinnum...OhOhOhO...(thEvai) 
poovai nenjil naaNam pOraadum 
oor koodiyE uravaanadhum 
tharuvEn pala nooru paruga kanich chaaru 
thaLiraana yen mEni 
thaangaadhu unn mOham (aahaaya)


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